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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ২nd জুন ২০২৪

এলোকেশন অব বিজনেস

1.    Preparation of national plans-annual, five-year and perspective for the economic and social development of the country in accordance with                       the socio economic objectives of the Government of Bangladesh.

2.    Preparation of annual development programmes within the framework of national plan and formulation of policies for the implementation and impact         on the economy.

3.    Periodic review of national development plan, study of its implications and impact on the economy.

4.    Review on selective basis the operational performance of various sectors of the economy.

5.    Evaluating plan, performance & watching the progress of plan implementation on acontinuous basis in order to prepare evaluation on national plans.

6.    Study of important economic issues and formulation of economic policies and measures.

7.    Evaluation of external debts and submission of reports thereon along with evaluation of national plans.

8.    Undertaking and promoting economic research and initiating surveys and investigations needed to support effective planning and development.

9.    Advice on the nature of the machinery for securing efficeient execution of national plans, annual programmes and economic policies.

10. Stimulating and where necessary initiating project formulation examining and tendering advice on programmes and projects with a view to                        determining their consistency with the national objectives.

11. Reviewing the progress of implementation of approved project, particularly aided projects; identifying the causes of delays and difficulties in the implementation of projects and proposing solutions thereof.

12.  Co-ordination of development activities of various Ministries/Division and their agencies where such activities are inter-related or inter-dependent.

13.  Co-ordination of economic policies which have across the economy impact or involve more than one Ministry/Division.

14.   To act as the Natiional Focal Point on New and Renewable Sources of Engergy as well as perform the co-ordinating role on all energy related inter-           ministerial matters.

15.    Administration of B.C.S (Economic) Cadre Officers.

16.    Secretariat administration including financial matters relating to their Division.

17.    Administration and control of subordinate offices and organisations under this division.

18.   Issuance of rules and guide-lines for preparation and processing of development projects at national and Upazilla levels.

19.  To act as the National Focal Point on private investment in all sectors as well as playing the co-ordinating role on all matter relating to private sectors.

20.  Liaison with International Organisations and matters relation to treaties and agreements with other countries and world bodies relating to subjects              allotted to this Division.

21.   All laws on subjects attotted to this Division.

22.  Inquiries and statistics on any of the subjects allotted to this Division.

23.   Fees in respect of any of the subjects allotted to this Division except fees taken in courts.